Getting Started - Mobile Payments

Payguru mobile payment services enable merchants to accept payments from their customers who want to pay for goods via their mobile phone bills. The amount of purchase is reflected in the operator bill of the customer.

Mobile phone numbers are the payment tools for the end users to make their payments within the relevant process upon the explicit end user approval.

The value chain of mobile payments is quite similar to the one in the Credit Card Payment Process.

Credit Card Payments Business Chain Customer => Credit Card => Bank => POS Provider => Merchant

Mobile Payments Business Chain Customer => Sim Card => Operator => Mobile Payment Integrator => Merchant

Payguru Mobile Payment Platform connects the Mobile Operator Subscribers with the merchants. It manages the entire payment process through the integration made with the operator and the merchants.

There are various customer flows available in mobile payments which depend on a number of factors: requirements and standards of each operator, access channels (web, SMS, Mobile Web, Applications etc), product and service and type of merchant (public institution, web retailer etc). Each flow and corresponding integration components are explained in this web site.