User Flows

Payguru provides optimum and fully compliant customer flows which take into account:

  • regulatory requirements
  • mobile operator standards
  • the nature of the service (web site, mobile service, application, NGO membership fees etc)
  • customer experience requirements

on its Payment Platform through the API integration with the Mobile Operators and merchants, as described below.

1. Payguru Common Payment Page Flows

Payguru provides a Common Payment Page solution for the merchants selling goods and services through their web site. The Common Payment Page flows require a front-end integration with the merchant.

  • Merchant calls the Payguru Common Page ( with the necessary parameters shared with the merchant during the integration process.
  • Payguru manages the payment process by following up the necessary steps and approvals by the customer and re-directs the customer to the merchant site.
  • Payguru informs the merchant about all the steps of the payment process through the notification URLs.

2. Mobile Web Flows

These are the flows that manages the merchant's subscriber acquisitions and payment via mobile pages hosted in the Payguru servers and managed by the Payguru Content Management system.

3. SMS Initiated Payments

These are the flows enabling end users to start a subscription and/or payment process via SMS messages sent to Payguru short-codes on Operator backbone and consisting of specific keywords for each service. Those flows are used mainly for "real life" projects as well as inAPP payments.

4. Mobile Membership Fees

The Payguru Mobile Membership Fee Payments platform is a solution provided to merchants such as political parties, associations, clubs, societies, unions etc with an already existing member base and acquiring members through their offline channels in addition to online channels provided by Payguru. It enables merchant to collect membership fees with mobile payments upon the "explicit" approval by the customer.

5. Renewals for Subscription Services

The entire subscription lifecycle is managed by Payguru including the billing initiations and retry policies. The details about the renewal and retry policies by the operator will be shared with the merchant during the integration process.