Mobile Web Flows

The Payguru Mobile Web Payments and Subscription flows are managed by the Payguru Platform through the "end-user interface integrations" between Payguru and the merchant.

Before describing it in details, it is necessary first to define 2 important concepts that are frequently used in the Payguru integration documents.

Definitions - OTP and Hybrid Flow
  • OTP: It is the abbreviation for "One Time Password". It is used in the traditional flow where the customer needs to enter his/her MSISDN into the landing, clicks the submit button, receives the One Time Pin Code via SMS which is expected to be entered in the corresponding field in the payment page as the confirmation i.e. traditional Pin Code Flow for WI-FI users.

  • Hybrid Flow: It is the OTP flow with the MSISDN forwarding / URL Enrichment meaning that the customer does not need to enter his MSISDN at the beginning of the process. The MSISDN is automatically detected by Payguru and the customer only needs to click the "submit" button to start the subscription and payment process. The rest of the process is the same with OTP. THIS FLOW IS NOT AVAILABE STARTING FROM JUNE 7, 2018, anymore. The information provided here is for future use in case there is a change in the regulation.
STEP 0 - Merchant Calls Payguru Hosted Subscription and Payment Page.
  • Upon the request of the customer, the merchant directs the customer to the Payguru Hosted Subscription and Payment Page. This page is a mobile web page created by the merchant for its service within a framework in the Payguru Content Management System and approved by the Payguru Team. Merchant may add all the parameters - that could be needed for its own process - as a Query String in to the end of the call URL. From that point on, Payguru takes over the control of the billing and subscription process.

  • Payguru "customizes" the called subscription and payment page according to the customer's connection type (mobile internet connection 3/4G or WI-FI) and the mobile operator's standards then waits for the customer to initiate the payment and subscription process as described in Step 1. If the customer is a Vodafone Subscriber and uses a Mobile Internet connection, the step is different and also described below.
STEP 1 - End User Information Entry
  • Payguru takes control of the entire payment process upon the customer's direction to the subscription and payment page hosted on Payguru Platforms.

  • The customer is expected to enter his/her MSISDN into the correspondind field and to click on "continue" button on the page.

    • If the customer has a Turkcell and Turk Telekom mobile internet connection, the MSISDN is automatically "detected" and the customer is expected to press the "continue" key. (Not Available anymore as of June 7, 2018.)
    • Vodafone subscribers with Mobile Internet Connection are automatically directed to Vodafone's own payment page without showing the Payguru Payment and Subscription page. (Not Available anymore as of June 7, 2018.)
STEP 2 - Payguru starts the Payment and Subscription Process
  • All the customers (independent from their connection type being WI-FI or 3.5G) are expected to enter their MSISDN and click on the “continue” button. Once the customer clicks the button;

    • Payguru detects the Mobile Operator for the corresponding MSISDN entered in the payment and subscription page.
    • A payment and subscription request is initiated to the corresponding operator's platforms through the integration with the operator.
    • Payguru sends the necessary notifications to the merchant about the payment and subscription process.
    • If the customer is Turkcell or Turktelekom subscriber;

      • Payguru and Operator send the confirmation PIN generated for the transaction via SMS.
      • Customer is directed to the second step in the Payguru Subscription and Transaction Page where he/she is expected to enter the pin into the corresponding field.
    • If the customer is Vodafone subscriber

      • customer is directed to Vodafone's own payment page together with the MSISDN information provided in the previous step
      • Payguru sends the necessary notifications to the merchant about the payment and subscription process.
      • Payguru waits for Vodafone to send the result of the payment and subscription process through the integration between Payguru and Operator. On Vodafone Page the flow would be a pin-code flow.
STEP 3 - Customer confirmation and Subscription and Payment Transaction Processing
  • Customer enters the PINCODE he/she has received via SMS into the corresponding field on the Payguru Subscription and Payment Page within 5 minutes after step 2 in order to confirm the payment and subscription process.

  • Upon the confirmation, Payguru and the Operator commit the payment transaction and subscription.

  • Payguru transmits the result of the payment and subscription to the merchant through the notification URLs.

  • Payguru refreshes the Subscription and Payment Page showing the customer the result of the transaction.

  • Payguru and Operator send another SMS to the customer. The message contains the billing, subscription and cancellation information as well as credential information for the service, if necessary.

  • Payguru directs the user to the corresponding page on the merchant site.
  • The screenshots of the OTP flow for Turkcell and Türk Telekom are presented below.

  • The first and third step of the OTP flow for VODAFONE users are the same. The second step is being processed on the Vodafone Payment Page prestented below.