API Integration

The Payguru Mobile Payment integration consists of various components that enable merchants to accept payments from their customers with their mobile phone numbers. Those API components provide technical communication gateway between the merchant and Payguru to be used during the entire payment process in all customer flows.

In general, the payment process can be summarized as follows:

  • The customer chooses the "Mobile Payment" option on Merchant's web site/mobile site/application during the check-out phase.

  • The customer is directed/forwarded to the Payguru Payment Pages together with the necessary transaction parameters (price, payment type, service IDs etc). The merchant starts waiting to receive a notification about the result of the payment process.

  • From then on, Payguru takes over the payment process in accordance with operator standards. The whole process runs through the integrations between Payguru and the mobile operators. At each step of the payment process, the merchant is notified about the status of the payment process through the technical integration between the merchant and Payguru.

  • At the end of the payment process, Payguru transmits the result of the payment process to the merchant. The customer is re-directed to the relevant page (success or failure) on the merchant site.

  • If merchant provides subscription service into the market, Payguru manages all the subscription lifecycle in a synchronous way with the operators and merchants.
    • All subscription pages are hosted by Payguru.
    • All the billings for renewals are managed by Payguru,
    • The entire refund processes are carried out by Payguru through the interfaces used by Payguru's integration with the operators.
    • All the cancellation requests are being processed by Payguru.

The basic integration components used in the entire payment processes are listed below.

1. Notifications

The merchant receives information about the status of the payment process (that has been initiated with the call of relevant payment page/process on Payguru platform) through the notifications. All the notifications are transmitted to merchant by Payguru through the notification URLs defined during the service configuration phase in the integration process. Merchant is expected to provide those notification URLs.

There are 2 types of notifications.

2. Subscription Services

Those are the services that can be used by the merchant in order to "query" and to cancel the subscriptions on the Payguru Platform for its service.

3. Transaction Services

Those are the API components that can be used by the merchant in order to query and to refund the transactions on Payguru Platform related to its services.

4. Customer Support Services

Those are the interface components which enable the merchant to give the basic customer support services related to the transactions and subscriptions of the merchant's service on the Payguru Platform. The merchant may use these services to access the customer payment information. Alternatively they can use these services to integrate the Payguru customer support modules to their internal customer support activities.

5. References

The general information related to objects, formats and table columns used in this API is provided below.

6. Examples

7. Service Status and Result Codes